Sunday, October 7, 2012

October Photo Challenge, Day 1: Self-Portrait

My mom linked me to Our Wired Lives' October Photo Challenge, where a photo prompt is given each day in October. I got started a couple days late (we're already a week into October! Where does the time go?!), so here's a backlog of the first prompts.

Here's my self-portrait, taken at work. I spend most of my time there so it seemed appropriate. For those of you who don't know, I work for Weight Watchers; you can read more about that here.

(Post-script: It took me about half an hour to get this photo uploaded correctly. Blogger would upload the first half--from the top to the middle--correctly, but the bottom half would come in all squirrely and negative-y every single time. Then, when I uploaded it to Flickr and tried to link it through the URL, Blogger kept saying that they couldn't find a picture at that URL. It was public and everything, too. Anyone else had that issue?)


  1. I had that same problem with a photo. All I did was resize the photo smaller, save that, and then upload it.

  2. I resize mine, too. I was going to make that suggestion but see Amy beat me to it. So the process for me is upload picture to computer, open in a photo program, resize to about 640 height or width, save, then upload to blogger. I did upload some directly from my SD card one afternoon and it worked fine, but took longer, and longer processing time makes me nervous (and doesn't solve the problem of moving photos from the SD card to the computer.) I'm so glad you're doing this challenge!