Tuesday, October 8, 2013

On Acclimatization

As it's getting colder out (UGH), I'm invariably surprised by what I can get used to. Case in point: as I was getting suited up for a run this morning in 50-degree weather ("feels like 45," with a 10-mile wind), I pulled on a pair of runner's tights, a long-sleeve shirt, my regular ballcap, a fleece earband, and some raggedy glow-in-the-dark skeleton gloves (or, as previously mentioned last winter, "glubs" in the Clower parlance). 

Once I stepped outside, though, I ducked back inside to get a light hoodie because "zomg too cold!"

Does anyone else have the AccuWeather app on their smart-device? (It's really not a great app, but it's easier to complain about it than go through the process of finding, downloading, and using a new one.) There's a setting in it where you can set your personal weather preferences, and it will tell you if the weather is conducive to "outdoor fitness."

When I set up my preferences last February-ish, this is what I set:
Wind speed: 0-8mph
Wind gusts: 0-8mph
Temperature: 20F-75F
RealFeel Temp: 16F-75F

SIXTEEN DEGREES. Last winter, I was okay with SIXTEEN GODDAMN DEGREES. Are you effing kidding me?!

This is weather in which I ran last winter. (Ugly Sweater Run
 in Omaha with Xtine and training champ Emily)

Now, when it comes to dressing for the weather, the change of seasons has always thrown me off. I can't remember what various temperatures feel like, so I have no idea what to wear. Do I need an extra hoodie? Am I going to be sweltering if I take said extra hoodie? Can I get by with knee-length shorts, or do I need tights?  I updated my Facebook this morning with "The now-yearly tradition of relearning how many layers to wear at different temperatures when running outside."

My friend Mike (a marathoner, the insane bastahd) commented with "Easy. If it is above 40, shorts and a short sleeve shirt."

At least it's nearly Gluehwein season again!

The worst part? Mike was totally right. I very clearly remember checking my phone at the end of last winter (meaning, like, April 30th. Stupid Nebraska), seeing it was 32 degrees, and exclaiming "Sweet, it's above freezing! I can wear shorts again!"

Now I'm just going to cower inside with a steaming mug of coffee and deal with the weather when I absolutely can't stand being inside any longer. So I guess I'll see y'all on the trails in...May.

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