Saturday, November 24, 2012

3 PPV Apple Crisp Oatmeal

Sometimes, I make these super delicious and easy recipes, get all excited about them...and realize that they're so simple and delicious that the whole world probably figured them out before me.

Such is the case with my Apple Crisp Oatmeal. I love oatmeal, but a bowl is never quite big enough to keep me full until lunch. Since I add bananas and peaches and other fruits to my cold cereal in the mornings to bulk it up, I figured I could do the same for my hot cereal.

I came upon the idea of cutting up an apple when I was eating a bowl of--wait for it--apple cinnamon oatmeal. Apples, in oatmeal? WHAAAT?! Enter my wonderful Apple-Corer-Peeler-Slicer.
This guy.

I actually have a couple of these, since my mom apparently buys me every one she finds at garage sales and thrift stores (much the same way I buy Sleepless in Seattle DVDs--I don't know why, but whenever I see one, I think "Ooh, Sleepless in Seattle! I need this!," conveniently forgetting the fact that I already own it about three times).

HANYWAY. I first apple-corer-peeler-sliced (yep, that's the verb form of that noun) an apple into my apple-cinnamon oatmeal, and it was pretty good. I stuck it in the microwave for three minutes, stopping every minute to stir, and added a little extra cinnamon at the end. Warm and filling!

One day, however, I realized I was out of my apple-cinnamon oatmeal packets and decided to use a packet of maple-brown-sugar oatmeal instead. (Note: for lower PPVs, I always use the "lower sugar" packs of oatmeal. The Walmart "Great Value" brand is just as good as Quaker.)

Corer-peeler-sliced apple + maple-brown-sugar oatmeal = APPLE CRISP HOMG I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING.

So. Damn. Good. I added some more cinnamon again, because why not? 

Check out my hoity-toity ceramic bowl. Moving up in the dishware world!
(We used to only have plasticware, but Spencer's brother handed some nicer
ceramic dishes off to us.)

PointsPlus value breakdown:
Apple: 0
Lower-sugar oatmeal: 3
Water: 0
Cinnamon: 0
This whole numtastic bowl only cost me 3 PPVs and kept me full until lunchtime! Nothing better than a nice hot, filling, delicious breakfast.

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