Sunday, March 31, 2013

Something about holidays because I'm jealous of the kids upstairs who are obviously having a great Easter and I'm sitting here with a hangover

As my title says, there are kids upstairs out on their balcony and I'm super envious of their fun-having, especially since I didn't even buy any Easter candy and I'm hungover and really don't want to put on pants (and sunglasses, can't forget sunglasses) and go to Walgreens to remedy the Easter candy situation. I guess I could probably resolve the hangover situation while I'm there as well, but UGHHHHH that would require FORESIGHT and I can't say as though that's one of my strong suits. Oh, and also, it's Easter's fault that I'm hungover in the first place, since usually I have to work on Sundays but we happen to be closed for the holiday, so to celebrate, I went out with a bunch of friends last night for pizza and drinks and drinks and drinks and ended the night with an OATMEAL COOKIE MARTINI. Omg seriously wtf bbq, but it was really dang good.
And raisins for a garnish. Totes 'dorbz.

So, let me talk to you about holidays. Basically, I'm a stickler for tradition. I don't know how that started, but if something's been a certain way for one major event (say, a holiday), I insist it stay the same in all subsequent happenings. My mom says that it started with Christmas on the first year that I had developed a memory that would last for longer than 10 seconds, not unlike a goldfish. For whatever reason, that first Christmas I could remember, we had eaten shrimp cocktail for an appetizer and then spaghetti for our main course on Christmas Eve. My mom claims it was a fluke: we just happened to have that stuff around and we just happened to eat it for dinner on Christmas Eve. 

The next year rolls around, and Mom asks me what we should do for dinner. "MOM. We ALWAYS have shrimp cocktail and spaghetti on Christmas Eve."
"That was actually just last year, honey."
"NO, Mother. I REMEMBER. We ALWAYS have shrimp cocktail and spaghetti on Christmas Eve."
(I'm also very stubborn.)

Well, whatever the tradition (or lack thereof) previously had been, it was replaced. Every Christmas Eve since then, we've had shrimp cocktail and spaghetti on Christmas Eve. Tory wins again!

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  1. I am totally the same way. I am pretty sure I am the reason we eat pizza on Christmas Eve. And somehow I got pizza last year even though we were with Jesse's family that day. Huh.