Wednesday, April 3, 2013

All that glitters is not gold: sometimes it's a wreath.

At a post-Valentine's Day sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics, I picked up a shiny, pink, heart-shaped, heart-tinsel-laden wreath for something like $4. Now, some people might think that those are already enough adjectives for any wreath, but I've been following the Aunt Peaches school of design: ALWAIZ MOAR GLITTER.

So, with a free afternoon this last weekend, I dug through my craft supplies and jazzed that wreath up another notch. BAM! (Don't get that reference? Here ya go.)

First up: bows. Bows are always good. I made a bow from some ribbon I had laying around and then tied it to the wreath with a piece of heart-printed ribbon. (Sidebar: does anyone have any ideas for how to use thin printed ribbons? I LOVE those ribbons, but I never really have any uses for them. Help me out here. Ribbon ribbon ribbon. Now it looks like it's spelled wrong, doesn't it? Ribbon.)

I had a pack of felt hearts, left over from an attempted Valentine's tree a few years ago ("attempted" meaning that I meant to decorate my little Christmas tree with Valentine's stuff, but then all the pre-strung lights on the tree died and I didn't want it anymore), and a roll of sparkly red and white heart tinsel, plus some ribbons and a heart charm from an old necklace. I trimmed a few of the hearts off the tinsel and with and some Krazy Glue, I made an ultra-Valentine's-y dealie to hang in the center of the wreath.

And here's the finished product. Et voila! Enough hearts for you?

It's now proudly hanging on our living room wall, despite the season, simply because I don't have a box big enough in which to store it. And you know, I'm not sure that huge pink sparkly heart-shaped wreaths AREN'T all-seasons appropriate!

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