Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A very simple tutorial for: Inscribing Titles onto Books/etc

I return from (another) long hiatus to show you how to personalize...things! Photo albums, etc. I saw this idea on Pinterest quite a while ago, used to personalize a stool, and figured I could use it to jazz up a photo album I'd put together of a trip Spencer and I had taken to Germany.

Basically, you type up your desired text, print it, and tape it to your surface:

Then trace around each letter, pressing down firmly:

Peel your template off, and fill in the letters!

Et voila! (Or "wa-lah," if you're a flaming moron.)

Tips: first off, obviously choose a simple font, and make it BIG. This was a bit hard for me to outline and to fill in accurately. Secondly, PRESS HARD when outlining. Mine's obviously not perfect, and part of that is because I didn't have clear enough indentations on the book cover. Beyond that, it was the work of minutes! Good luck!

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