Monday, June 11, 2012

A Frustrating Schedule

author's note: This is mostly just going to be a little bit of a rant, so you can tune out if you'd so like.

I just saw a friend post something on Facebook about having his "weekend" in the middle of the week--his two free days are on Wednesday and Thursday, as opposed to most peoples' Saturday-Sunday weekend.  Another friend had commented, remarking that her schedule is laid out about the same. I started to comment...and realized my friend didn't need to listen to my whining, so I moseyed over here to subject youse guys to my frustrations.

At my job, I have one of the most frustratingly random schedules I've ever seen. I'm one of the few employees who has fairly open availability (and is also poor enough to pick up any extra hours that happen to be laying around), so I just get slotted in wherever anyone else can't work. As a result, my schedule is just about as far from a "typical" 9-5 as one can get. Let's take a look:

Sunday: I leave the house at 8 a.m. in order to work from 815 until noon. Meh, not too bad.
Monday: At 1145, I head to work from noon until 7 p.m. or so (whatever time it ends up being by the time we close up shop). [Hence, why I'm posting right now: I've been at work, all alone, for three hours and I am very much bored of everything I should be doing.]
Tuesday: My short commute in the morning (leaving at 945) in order to work from 10 until 2 is then trumped by a 45-minute commute in the evening. I leave town preferably by 415--430 at the latest--to lead a meeting in Beatrice. I'm there until right around 7 or so, at which point I usually stop and get groceries on my way back home, arriving home usually around 815 or 830.
Wednesday: Wednesdays are MY "weekend"...sometimes. On average, I end up working Wednesday nights (from 4 until 830 or so, factoring in a half-hour/35-min drive) about every other to every third week.
Thursday: Thursdays suck. I head off to work at 830 and essentially get a lunch break around 2, at which point I scarf food and run errands before commuting an hour to Nebraska City at 330 (345 at the absolute latest) in order to lead a meeting until about 645; the drive back puts me home around 745 or 8.
Friday: I just upped my Friday workload; I used to only have one meeting, from 4 until 6 in the evening, but since I'm such an great team player (bleghhh), I'm picking up a shift for the summer for another lady whose other work schedule changed. Fridays I now will be working from 845 a.m. until 1130, and then again from 4 til 6.
Finally, Saturday: Saturdays aren't bad either; I just have to show up at 10 (leaving home at 945) and work until 1 (they just cut my hours from 3 p.m. to 1 p.m.).

HANYWAY, it really isn't TOO terrible (Mike Rowe's had a lot of jobs that make mine look positively cushy), but I'm alone for the most part so it gets pretty mind-numbing, and I have enough slots here and there that trying to go on vacation for longer than a day or two becomes an exercise in futility when it comes to running around, trying to recruit people to cover my shifts. Plus, Boyf works on Wednesday and Friday nights (until about 230 a.m.) so having to get up early on Thursdays and work all day is just annoying; I'd prefer to be able to chat with him when he gets home, or keep him company at work for the night. It'd also be nice to combine some of those random hours onto an already-full(er) day so I could consolidate my free time and not have to get dressed in business-casual-wear every single day.

To thank you for taking the time to read this (or to just scroll down this far), here are some pictures from Boyf's friends' wedding a few weekends ago. The Boyf was a groomsman, and his house served as the staging area for the they busted out the old Nintendo.
Boyf on the left, groom in the vest

Matching Chucks and--naturally--a flask

some overexposed table decor

Ciao ciao!

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