Sunday, June 24, 2012


Phew! Sorry for the break, loyal readers (assuming there’s actually anyone out there in Cyberland who reads this blog)! It’s been a busy, stressful couple of weeks. I’m currently at about the half-way point of a 27-day straight work streak—that is, by the time the Fourth rolls around, it’ll be my first day off in 27 days. Wooooooo.

Tuesday nights are Trivia Night at the local Applebee’s, and Boyf and I are to be found there practically every week. We usually end up in the top three, which nets us keychains, koozies, and even giftcards! Our team name, as you can see, is “Multiple Scoregasms,” which usually provokes at least a few chuckles. 

  My current favorite menu item is the Sizzling Asian Shrimp and Broccoli, which is one of their “Under 550 Calorie” selections (and only runs 13 PPV). 

Afterwards, we swung by the Boyfriend’s bar to watch the end of the basketball game and—since I was watching my PointsPlus intake—I had a Diet Pepsi. Mmm! Drink of the gods. I was excited that it was so Lincoln-ized: I always think it’s cool to find those cans that have been personalized for the region in which they’re sold (usually with Six Flag passes or something like that), but I’ve never seen a specialized can for the town in which I’m living. I actually run past the Children’s Zoo usually about once a week, along the Billy Wolff Trail. Following the Billy Wollf Trail from Holmes Lake, over on the east side of Lincoln, all the way back downtown, is right around 5.5 to 6 miles, and a great path. Love it!

Last Friday, I had a girls’ night with my bestie Kelsey. I got to her apartment around 11 and didn’t end up leaving until 4 a.m.! It had been much too long since we’d hung out. We ate chips and queso, and sampled a new drink I invented: the Malibu Mimosa. (It’s exactly what it sounds like. Om nom nom.) 

Kelsey is the mommy of a bunny (named Bunny) and a guinea pig (Lola), who I’m pretty certain is a direct descendent of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. 

She is currently letting her babies chew on the business card of the worst academic adviser (college's version of guidance counselors) in the WORLD. We're both English majors, so we've had to spend a LOT of time with that idiot. What's the line? Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't teach, teach gym. Those who can't teach gym, become guidance counselors.

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