Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Fess-Up, 21June13

It feels like I just posted one of these! Ah, yes, I did, because I didn't post on time last week. For shame.

Highs: Um just let me link you to pictures of some of the delicious things I ate this week.

Bananas & strawberries in Cheerios (actually, Toasted Wheat
O's, but who's counting?) and unsweetened almond milk (4 PPV)

Super-cheap, super-delish raspberries

Also consumed: four pounds'-worth of cherries; nectarines; peaches; white flesh nectarines (here's a good post about them!); red grapes; and bananas. In addition to eating right, I made some super-easy but very beneficial choices: parked at the top of a parking garage and took the stairs, both up and down; parked at the back of several parking lots; kept at least two water bottles with me at all times. And when we were camping/tubing down the Niobrara this past weekend, I didn't drink very much booze at all, since I was still recovering from being sick. Plus, it turned out that most of us camping were healthy-ish eaters, so there were chicken brats, whole-wheat buns, and diet pop, as well as lots of fruit & veggies around.

Lows: You know, I think there's a great nursery rhyme that very much fits me.
"There was a little girl
Who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead.
And when she was good,
She was very, very good,
But when she was bad, she was horrid."
This was one of my very, very good weeks, so nothing really on the "lows" side to report. Side note: when I looked this up to make sure I had it right (I think I remember it from our Children's Book of Virtues), I learned that it was actually a poem by Longfellow, and that the "very, very good" line is supposed to be "She was very good indeed." I prefer being very, very good, myself.

Activity PPVs: According to the website, I only earned 24 this week, but I didn't wear my AL at all on Saturday (when we were tubing on the river -- didn't want to risk losing it) and only put it on later on Sunday.

Stuff was stacked perilously as it was. So many coolers.

Mileage: Ran 8.62 miles; walked 6.56 for a total of 15.2 miles. Planning on doing a long run tomorrow morning, so that total should increase.

Weigh-in: I weighed myself on Monday morning, once we were back from camping. From that weight, I'm down 2.9 pounds this week! Success! And the great thing is, that's just from being good Monday-Thursday. If I can commit to tracking and being active the majority of the time (even if that's just 4/7 days), I should be fine. Tonight, we're getting pizza and going to a movie, but I'm already tracking it and I'll stay focused.

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