Friday, December 7, 2012

Easy-peasy closet organization!

This is such a simple tactic that I'm ashamed I didn't bite the bullet earlier. Our coat closet was stuffed full of scarves, hats, and gloves (or "glubs," in the Clower colloquial), and my "running bag" was packed with bandannas, headbands, extra [snot-covered] glubs, and the like. It was frustrating to find anything, and it hasn't even gotten especially cold yet!

So, I nipped over to the housewares department at Walmart and for something like $7.98, I got an over-the-door shoe pocket organizer...and it transformed the coat closet almost instantaneously. First, the "before" pictures:
Running stuff, which was all muddled together in a bag or
tossed on the kitchen table
Crap on the top shelf (box of more stuff fit in that gap on the right,
and is shown below)
A bunch of cold-weather gear was shoved in a box, and Spencer's
scarves were bundled together. Have you noticed that at least one
in every set of my household pictures must include at least one cat?

A total of maybe 10 minutes of sorting, rolling, and tucking produced the lovely "after" pictures:

My running bag now has only my essentials in it; that blue plastic box is all emptied and tucked away in storage; Spencer and my's scarves are readily available. I love opening that closet now! What a difference that simple organizer made.

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