Saturday, December 8, 2012

"Snowflake Ballerinas" -- a simple craft

Initially, I saw this craft on Pinterest and followed the link to this page. I took the ballerina template but used a couple of the snowflake templates from the "mom" version. My first thought was "NUTCRACKER DECORATIONS!"

Here's what they'll look like, if you don't screw everything up TOO terribly. They are beautiful and wonderful to hang on your ceiling fan because they distract your guests from the globby dust all over the fan blades (which, y'know, you probably could wipe off BEFORE hanging these princesses everywhere, but that would require forethought and who has THAT?). Your house will be a winter wonderland and you all will have ME to thank. You're welcome in advance.

Gather your ingredients. Or supplies. Is that what they call them in the craft world? Anyway, ingredients:
Rumchata & hot chocolate (see below)

Step #1: create your ballerina. Trace; cut.

I'd already gone through the process of hanging my other ballerinas before
deciding to blog about the craft, hence the ribbon.

Step #2: create your snowflake.
 2a: take your printer paper and cut it into a square.
Pictured: fold; cut. Save the stub for small snowflakes.

Step 2b: fold your triangle into a triangle the other way.
Like this.

Step 2c: uh, make like a pyramid?thing? 

Easiest way that I can [think of to] describe this: hold your square in front of you, square-shaped. Then fold it backwards in half horizontally while poking the vertical sides in to the middle.
It should look like this from the bottom.

I hope that makes sense. Then squish it flat.

It should look like this when all is said and done:

Step 2somethingorother: fold it into thirds. This step will be a bitch, I'm sorry to say. Just try your best. It may take some experimentation to get it right.

It should end up looking like a spaceship from one end and a cute pointy fox head from the other end. Now you're going to maul that cute little fox head, but before you do, you need to take a break to build up your courage.

Step 3 or something: Go get your Rumchata and hot chocolate and make yourself a nice little Rumchacolate (copyright pending).
It helps if you drink it out of a grumpy-gummy-bear coffee mug.
Step ___: Shear the ears right off your li'l fox's head.

Start cutting...

Open it up and put your ballerina through the middle...

and then watch the "Sisters" scene in White Christmas, because it's the best. (But make sure you also watch the OTHER "Sisters" scene, because it's actually even better.)

Pictured: the reason I like crafting during the holidays. CHRISTMAS MOVIES.
Also, be jealous of my vintage tree topper that I got for $1.99 at the Salvation
Army, and which my mom and Spencer fixed for me.
At some point, loop a piece of ribbon through your ballerina's arms and then suspend her somewhere. Or don't. It's up to you.

Obligatory cat picture.

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