Tuesday, July 16, 2013

(catch-up) Friday Fess-Up, 12July13

After I banged out two FFUs last Friday, catching up from the previous two weeks, I didn't have the energy to do yet another to stay current -- so here 'tis.

Highs: Well, as I'd previously mentioned, my week prior to this week was HORRENDOUS. Finally, when Sunday hit, I decided that I just needed to finish it up and get right back on track on Monday morning: which is exactly what I did! I tracked EVERYTHING, and I mean EV.ER.EE.THING. Spencer and I finally got signed up at the Y on Tuesday; I rode my bike there and took a yoga class on Wednesday; we did a round in the circuit training room on Thursday. I hit a little bit of a speedbump on Friday when I woke up with a stiff neck, so I didn't do much activity on Friday or Saturday, but I kept tracking diligently.

Lows: I needed new running shoes -- I've been having some calf pain, mostly in my left leg but sometimes in my right as well -- so I didn't do very much running, as I was scared I'd exacerbate something before I got paid and could therefore get new shoes.

My old Kinvara 3s and my new Kinvara 4s

Activity PPVs: 22.

Mileage: Only 6.79 running, but another 9.38 on my bike.

My BostonStrong lace medallions on my old and new shoes.

Weigh-in: After my week of gorging, I was WAYYYY up when I weighed myself at home on Monday. After a week of clean eating, lots of water, and hitting the gym, I was down 6.4lbs on Friday!!!

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