Friday, July 12, 2013

catch-up Friday Fess-Up for 5July13

Hehhhhh. Okay, this week sucked pretty hard. What's really funny is that the meeting topic last week was all about the "Ripple Effect," where every decision we make makes its own ripple, which has the potential to be either good or bad.

Case in point: I had a not-great weigh-in on Friday the 28th. Then what happened? I was ticked-off about it, so I pigged out while camping. Then what happened? I didn't track because I'd already screwed up. Then what happened? I kept pigging out because I could blame it on my period. Then what happened? Well, I couldn't stop! What a ludicrous suggestion! It was a holiday weekend, after all! Then what happened? I ate like absolute CRAP from Saturday through the next Sunday. Then what happened? I felt gross! I felt fat! I had headaches from not drinking enough water and I had NO energy.

I also skipped my weigh-in on Friday morning, because I knew it was going to be horrible. I did manage to get 39 Activity PPVs, though.

Life-wise, things were fairly good over this week. We had a lot of fun camping and then I ran 12 miles over the course of the week, which brings us to the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT of the week's HIGH POINT:

For the first time ever, I actually PLACED in a race! This was the Seward Optimist Club's Freedom 10K, which takes place on the morning of the Fourth. For those who don't know, Seward is "Nebraska's Fourth of July City," and they really pull out all the stops. Anyway, Mindy and I drove out there early on Thursday morning and did this 10K. It was a gorgeous morning for it, and it was a great run, made even greater by the fact that I got third place in my bracket. And yes, there WERE more than three girls in my bracket, thankyouverymuch. ;D

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