Friday, July 12, 2013

catch-up Friday Fess-Up for 28June13

Yeah, yeah, I know I haven't done one of these in a couple weeks. It's been a busy couple of weeks, and a WEEKLY commitment!? Pah. That's way more fortitude than I normally exhibit. I'll do my best to remember some of the basics of each of these weeks I've missed.

Recap: the week of June 21-28th wasn't too terrible. I got in a nice long run on Wednesday morning and racked up nearly 16 running miles for the week, plus an extra few walking, and went for a run while camping that weekend with my buddy Emily. It was INSANELY windy and there were TONS of hills, but we still did four miles! Plus, there was an exciting storm rolling in on Tuesday morning as I left on a run with another friend, Mindy. I ended up earning an impressive 44 APPVs!

You don't want to know how many pictures I took in order to get the ONE
with some lightning in it.

LOVE these clouds.

Particular high: That Saturday night, my buddy Elizabeth and I got together for a movie night at her place. She had initially suggested pizza, but easily adapted to my suggestion of getting Subway instead. Hooray us!

Low point: (Of course, my reason for avoiding the pizza was because I'd just had pizza with Spencer the night before...after going to the movies, where we had a jumbo popcorn with plenty of "butter product," plus Junior Mints, which are my favorite movie candy...)

BUT I tracked EVERYTHING, all week long, INCLUDING the pizza-and-popcorn-and-Junior-Mints on that Friday night.

Weigh-in: HOWEVER, I was still up 0.2 pounds on Friday. And this happens sometimes! But I let it get to me, and when we went camping that weekend, I maybe-kinda-sorta went off the deep end and drank lots of Lime-A-Ritas and ate lots of s'mores and banana boats. (Dangit! I still need to do a blog post about those!)

But it's okay, because Spence and I are totes 'dorbz.
(Photo credit goes to the ever-awesome Christine.)

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